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The dogmas of the Bible have been designed in such a manner that it is bound to grab the attention of people. They are still effective in the present times of science and it is due to this fact one shall be acquainted with the number of truths it says. These dogmas have the timeless truth featured that is presented further in understandable and relevant terms. The dogmas have been printed in the most stunning designs that are eye-catching with glossy paper of high quality, full-color print. Whenever the reader reads them it is more like they are spending precious and valuable moments with the words of God. The questions regarding the universal truths that exist, that many may not be aware of, are discussed below.

If you are seeking love:

The creation of every human as per the FREE Bible Tracts has so happened that they have the capacity to be in love and get love in return. This is because the feeling of love is one very human virtue and every human has been made in God’s image. The holy text says that love is, in fact, God himself because the very nature his being and essence is the feeling of love. You may have come across people who have professed their feeling feelings to you where they have said that they may be in love or do feel for you but no one will ever say that are themselves, love. This is because only God is that himself.

Experiencing jubilee:

The revelation regarding the Jubilee has its origination in the FREE Bible Tracts. As per the description in the Old Testament, each of the Israeli families was then allotted good land portions. However, some turned indigent and had their allotment sold while some even had to lose their inheritance. Others, were even poorer thus sold themselves into slavery. Perhaps after every five decades there used to be a jubilee year. It is during this year people would proclaim liberty throughout lands and inhabitants that sold themselves into slavery were released. They were also forgiven for all the debts they gas and the possession was duly returned to the families and them. Thus, the year became the year of rest, satisfaction and enjoyment.

Going for gold and water:

For centuries the metal gold has been the most sought after and the precious one. The qualities of the element lay in the texture, density, resistance, and color. However, as per the holy text, it has had even more significance than just a precious form of metal. It has, in fact, has had a significance that is wonderful. This is because Gold was synonymous with God’s divine nature. Just like Gold, water has a greater relevance too. It is certainly one of the most vital things on the planet and without it, no life can ever exist. No wonder, there are possibilities of drought exist but the tracts highlight the significance of finding a water source that would run out ever.
Reading under divine light:

Many questions that are asked by people today possess a much deeper seeking that backs them. Thus, to know the truths and get answers to all the questions one must read the Gospel in angelic light.

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