How to choose the best mushroom spawn suppliers in China?

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What is mushroom spawn? Any substrate that is combined with mycelium is known as mushroom spawn. Nothing can beat the taste of fresh mushroom. A mycelium is a group of cells which is used in combination with a substrate. There are different kinds of spawns available in the market.

Different types

Cultivation of fungi is only possible with materials which have mycelia growth. These products are available in different forms. In the market, mushroom spawn suppliers sell kits in which sawdust is mixed with bran or other sources of nitrogen for increasing yield.

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Sterilized Sawdust

Any sawdust which has been sterilized and treated with mycelium is used for the growth of fungi. In these cases, the hardwood utilized is neither big pieces nor finer ones. With the help of the material bought from mushroom spawn suppliers, the fungal growth can be generated on logs, outdoor beds, straw, cardboard and numerous other substances. The size of the particles paves the way for the creation of numerous of inoculation points for the growth of mycelium on the substrate base. The production of mushrooms in this method helps in attaining dual objectives. One such advantage is that faster production of fungi is possible. Another benefit is there is less scope for contamination. There is one disadvantage associated with this material. This product does not help in the production of a nutritious yield especially if you are just using sawdust by not adding any other nutrients.

Other types

Another popular type is the grain spawn which has been inoculated with mycelium. Some of the common types of grains used for this purpose are rye and millets. There are other options such as wheat, corn, and cereal. It has an advantage over sawdust ones because it is more nutritious and is ideal for cultivation indoors. It is however not ideal for the outdoor cultivation. This is because these grains are capable of attracting birds and rodents. Another popular option is the use of plug spawn. Small wooden dowels are used in combination with mycelium for a fruitful yield. In certain cases, even stems of live mushrooms are used. It is perfect for wood or fiber-based substrates. Other types of commonly used ones are woodchip, straw, and liquid ones.

Wise decision

At this stage, you must be utterly confused about the choice of an appropriate spawn for your purpose. The perfect rule is matching of the spawn with the substrate. The logic that works behind this is that mycelium has already developed a bonding and so rapid colonization is possible. You should do detailed research regarding the types of mushrooms you would prefer to grow. Once you finalize on the type of mushrooms, you would like to grow you have to decide on the appropriate substrate to be utilized for this purpose. Doing thorough research is important. It will help you to save you a lot of time and stress in the long run. Make sure that you purchase the growing kits from a reliable supplier. You may ask you're well-known acquaintances for references. You should also take a look at the websites of renowned manufacturers. Do not forget to go through the reviews posted by the various customers.

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