How To Grow Oyster Mushroom Spawn For Sale?

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Are you a lover of mushrooms? Then you must be eagerly waiting for the fall season. This is the season when you can get your hands on the beautiful Pleurotus ostreatus. The appearance of the forests gets a total makeover when you see these translucent caps protruding out of the surface of hardwood trees. These mushrooms can grow very fast and are effective nutritional supplements for the poor classes of people. Numerous health benefits are associated with them. They can help in the reduction of cholesterol and are effective sources of potassium, protein, and iron.

Start growing your own

If you are an amateur in this fungi world, then you can think of the spawn as seeds, and it helps the cultivator to grow the fungi wherever they place it. The supply of water in appropriate amounts helps in the rapid expansion. The spores that are dispersed help in the reproduction process. You can start a productive business by growing oyster mushroom spawn for sale.

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Develop an understanding of the life cycle

You have to understand that the life cycle of this fungus is a bit different from that of the regular flowers or fruits we see. So it is necessary to exercise due care and a great deal of time to make this type of spawn. You must be aware that the living component of the fungus is found underground. Sometimes they are also found on other surfaces such as rotten logs or branches of trees. This tissue is known as mycelium. It is of utmost importance to the growers because this is a vital ingredient for making spawn. A combination of mycelium and substrate is known as spawn. The common type is a mixture of mycelium with sawdust. The sawdust is a cheaper option and gives a woodsy texture which is ideal for the growth of this fungus. These products can also be made of cardboard or paper. You can check the online catalogs for buying kits which contain oyster mushroom spawn for sale.

Get hold of appropriate mycelium

You have to get accessibility to a bunch of edible mushrooms which have their stems still in unbroken conditions. This will help you in the creation of large amounts of spawn. When you are picking the fungi, make sure that you are not in any way damaging the stems. That is the part which is joined to the mycelium and is necessary for the cultivation of spawn. You should trim the bottom part of the stem and keep it carefully for making that product. If you are in doubt, then you should ditch that idea and substitute it with pre-made spawn from neighborhood shops or online stores. You should always place the product in dark places. Take adequate measures to see that they do not become dehydrated. You are required to have oodles of patience because this method will take a couple of months to attain the desired results. You have to deal a bit of research to know which type of substrate goes well with specific types of mushrooms.

Foolproof results

Sometimes you do not have any idea if the locally grown mushrooms are fit for consumption or belong to the poisonous breed. You may also encounter difficulty in searching for live stems. In all those cases it is necessary to be cautious and use the pre-made spawn bought from stores. While making use of those kits go through the instructions outlined in the packages, and you will get useful results.

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