Move into mentorship after your Six Sigma master black belt training and certification

Let us get this right - the core element of finding the issues in a business process is root cause analysis. If RCA is not done properly, the right solution cannot be found and this would mean that the process improvement will not happen the way it should happen. If you are already through with your Six Sigma master black belt training and certification, then you are the one who will guide the team to get the root cause analysis right. After all, you are the one who drives strategy and change in your organization.

What is Minitab? Know more with your Six Sigma white belt training

Who is a white belt in an organization? Doesn’t a white belt only work part-time on Six Sigma projects? What is Minitab? These are some of the more common questions that would come to your mind when you decide to get to know more about the concept of Six Sigma. A Six Sigma white belt is at the base of the Six Sigma hierarchy and indeed, a white belt holder works part-time on projects. But until someone gets their white belt, they cannot proceed further. And it is best to learn about Minitab as early as possible – more about it later.

Learn Kaizen through specialized events

They may be different concepts but Lean Six Sigma and Kaizen have a lot in common. The underlying principle in both these methodologies is elimination of waste. The concepts were made popular in Japan and the USA before they took over the entire global business community. If you are going through your Lean Six Sigma training and certification, it is a good idea to look up the other concept - you will immediately see the connection.

Delight external and internal customers with Lean Six Sigma Houston certification

Go through your Six Sigma Las Vegas certification and apply it to your work and you can immediately experience a huge impact on your business growth. A Lean Six Sigma Houston certification added to your profile proves that you are committed to improve your business intelligence and analytical skills along with the will to improve your business. Get your Lean Six Sigma certificate and you will be able to stand out from the crowd.

Solve complex problems with Lean Six Sigma green belt training

Ask any professional and they will say that they would love to work on Six Sigma projects. There is a reason for this - Six Sigma projects result in business process improvements and everyone wants to be part of these success stories. You can make a huge impact with your work on these projects but before that, you need to be trained and certified. If you already have a white belt, then perhaps it is time for you to opt for Lean Six Sigma yellow belt training followed by Lean Six Sigma green belt training.

Learn at your convenience – opt for Six Sigma training online

Are you looking to invest in Lean Six Sigma white belt training? If you are then you are in luck. There are highly competent training institutions with branches across the country and they can provide you with the best training possible in this domain. Even if you are pressed for time, you can still attend Six Sigma training online. This will ensure that you are able to learn at your convenience without having to dedicate time to classroom training.

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Who is an important Six Sigma personality?

The name K. B. Gola may not sound familiar to most people. Interestingly, he is the person who introduced the concept of Six Sigma to Motorola in 1986. While he had nothing to do with the conceptualization of Six Sigma, the name of Jack Welch is known to every Six Sigma professional. He is considered an important Six Sigma personality because he made Six Sigma a strategic business initiative in General Electric in 1995. It is Mr. Welch who made the Six Sigma methodology popular throughout the world.

Take up leadership roles with your Six Sigma green belt certificate

Unlike judo, where the players wear colored belts to display their stature in the sport, Six Sigma belt holders don’t make any such display. However, each Six Sigma professional has a belt and the color of the belt shows their placement in the Six Sigma hierarchy. It all starts with the white belt and goes up all the way to the master black belt. In between, you have the Six Sigma black belt, the Six Sigma green belt and the Six Sigma yellow belt.

Kaizen events make implementation of Six Sigma easy

Before you are allowed to work on any Six Sigma project, you need to go through Six Sigma certification. Depending on your level of understanding of Six Sigma, you will need to undergo the various belt courses and certifications. Kaizen events, on the other hand, are organized to make the process of implementation of six sigma easy. Once you have your certificate, you can work on organization-level problem solving and bring in workable solutions to the table.